Monday, 31 March 2008

Osprey, RW, 30th March

Bottom two photos show a particularly aggressive male Canada Goose chasing a male Osprey. The Canada's have their eye on the Ospreys nest. I personally would exterminate every feral Canada in the UK, free of charge. Then Black Swans.......

Rutland, 29th March.

A sunny morning brought the raptors out in force. With Ospreys, Raven, Red Kites and Buzzards galore, its hard to believe your standing in Rutland. It was interesting to see that this particular Raven was a bird that i saw 10 miles away last week.

Fallows, Rutland.

Meadow Pipit, RW.

Wagtails, RW, 24th March

A nice flock of 90 migrant Pied Wagtails contained several White Wagtails and a selection of "nearly White Wags". I find some 2nd cy individuals are tricky to name sometimes.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Cormorants, RW, 23rd March

Heavy snow in the early morning lasted only a few hours and by midday had all but thawed. Chiffchaffs sang among the snowy branches above the Cormorants nests and 80+ Sand Martins were flying about - god knows what they are eating in this arctic blast.

Displaying Great Crested Grebes, RW, 23rd March

This pair performed the "weed dance" 5 times during a 7 hour period. Its pot luck whether you get any photos of the dance as it is over within seconds. The water was constantly changing colour due to the light, making it hard not to blow the white underparts out.