Saturday, 19 January 2008

Jack Snipe, Rutland Water

Camargue area, Jan 08

Graham Catley, Kevin Durose and myself revisited the Camargue area for a few days. The weather was generally poor with plenty of rain and very little sun. Some quality birds were seen but it was very depressing to see the songbird shooting and much of this unique area disappearing under concrete. The same story right across the world. Click on photos for a bigger image.

Greater Flamingos

Common Cranes

The bottom two photos show a Pair of Cranes watching a Fox as it works its way along the edge of the field.

Views at Les Baux

Alpine Accentors

The fearless Accentors of Les Baux.


Just one individual appeared to be wintering on the cliffs at Les Baux. I generally failed to get any decent photos although the underwing shot is an interesting view.

Black Redstart

The crackling sound at the beginning of the song is a weird and amazing sound and its hard to believe that its coming from the bird.

Blue Rock Thrush


Brave French Hunters....

The sound of gun shots was ever present especially in the valleys around Les Baux. We watched one bloke shooting Thrushes and literally anything that moved.


Eagle Owl

A dusk visit to this low vegetated ridge eventually produced a very vocal Eagle Owl. Its also a good place for Quad bikes, dog walkers and hunters......

Black-necked Grebes

Black-necked Grebes in the harbour at Berre.

Red-crested Pochards

A nice group of about 1300.

Terek Sandpiper

We paid a visit to the wintering Terek, present with a mixed flock of Grey Plovers, Ringed Plovers and Dunlin.

The Crau

This unique stony steppe habitat was once very extensive but is now being trashed at an alarming rate. Fruit Orchards, Agriculture, hideous Industrial Estates and Wind Turbines were all very obvious problems. We eventually found a group of Little Bustards and Pin-tailed Sandgrouse (photo above), but the future for them in this region is extremely bleak.

Med Gulls

Adult and a 2nd Winter.