Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Evening Willows, Eyebrook Reservoir

The shoreline Willows glow in some late afternoon sun.

Adult Caspian Gull, Eyebrook Res.

This lovely adult has been roosting everyday for nearly 3 weeks and has recently been joined by a second.

Pied Wagtail, Green Woodpecker and a House Mouse.

Funghi, Rutland, September 08

Harlequin Ladybirds, RW, 12th October

A couple of late photos. A very hot 12th October produced a biting swarm of the introduced Harlequin Ladybird with at least 250 congregating on the front of the house in preparation for hibernation. The photos show many of the variations that the Harlequin comes in.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Beidaihe, NE China, Oct-Nov 08

Our third consecutive autumn visit to Beidaihe to watch bird migration. We lost the last 5 days to fog/pollution, the top 2 photos show what it can be like but overall the weather was pretty good to us. We had many highlights but the top one for me was seeing over 800 Siberian Cranes migrating south. The lower photo shows Frank'The Legend' Moffatt and Mark waiting for Cranes. Photos and sketches of large Gulls and Common/Kamchatkas will appear in the next posting.
Click on photos for a slightly bigger image.

Siberian Cranes........

The sight and sound of a calling flock of Sibe Cranes overhead (60ft to be precise) is one of those moments where once the birds have passed you drop to your knees and simply cry. Its taken 3 consecutive autumn visits to finally get views like this but even after this encounter you just want more, lots more.

2 Red-crowned Cranes with 8 Siberian Cranes

Stunning. Not much else can be said really.

Siberian Cranes heading south

A close Saker

Saker holding Magpie

A huge female Saker was playfully plucking this Magpie as she circled very high above us.

Saker buzzing Short-eared Owl

The Saker buzzed the newly arrived owl, scaring the living daylights out of it before the owl eventually turned the tables.