Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Andalucia (Tarifa), September

A week spent watching the spectacular bird migration as thousands of raptors and storks cross The Strait towards Morocco, the first time for many of them. Its not the prettiest place to spend a week but the overwhelming joy of watching bird migration helps to block out the never ending wind turbines, power lines and gunshots that litter the Tarifa area.
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Booted Eagles - pale morph

Short-toed Eagles

Black Kites

Waiting Black Kites

Waiting for the morning sun.

Booted Eagles - dark morph

Black Kite ( i think )

This bird had a slim body and head like a Black Kite but the central tail was surprisingly rounded when fanned.

Black - Red - Boot

Black Kite, Red Kite and a dark Booted provide a nice comparison.

Honey Buzzards

Dozing Griff

A Griffon Vulture soaking up the last of the days sun.

Collared Pratincoles

Selection of juveniles and moulting adults.