Friday, 26 June 2009

Farne Islands, 21-22nd June

A couple of days spent wearing out the shutter. I nearly didn't go thanks to the predicted weather forecast of cloud, rain and more cloud but Kev convinced me to ignore it. Good job i did as the sun hat rarely came off. Three cheers for the weather forecasters? - useless sods.

Arctic Tern

Will Bowell wearing an Arctic Tern. The adults were ferocious due to them having chicks and drew blood even through my hat. The novelty of them sitting on your head soon wears off.

The returning Puffins have to run the gauntlet of gulls that are waiting to mug them of their hard earned fish outside their burrows.

Juvenile Guillemot.

Arctic Terns.



Comical in every way especially when landing.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Poppies, Rutland

Mediterranean Gull

Four adult med's were among a large group of B-h Gulls catching damselflies high over a wheat field. Their rather posh sounding yee-ah calls ( ya-ya from a distance) carried a long way.