Friday, 15 November 2013

A few bits from Langholm Moor and surrounding area.

Two flocks of Lesser Redpolls, one of 100 and another of 130 contained many Mealies. Felt sure I would find an Arctic but I never properly nailed the whole group.

Male Mealy Redpoll. Hint of pink below the eye.

Male Mealy with a Lesser Redpoll


I first saw this Mealy flying around the hillside and made an effort to look at it properly. The rump appeared very white in flight but it is the same as above photos. 

A Mealy with three Lesser's.

A nice big Mealy

Several Mealies (two in flight and one perched top middle) and Lesser Redpolls feeding on docks.

Grey Wagtail - bloody stunning

Juvenile male Goshawk

Slightly surprised

Juvenile female

Female Sparrowhawk mobbed by mipits

Black Grouse just been flushed by a Buzzard

Small group of Reed Buntings using old sheep fencing as makeshift bushes.

Tagged juvenile female Hen Harrier. Yet to be killed but give it time.

Juvenile female Hen Harrier arriving at its roost in the last few minutes of daylight.

Sub-adult Hen Harrier. Looks like an adult from below but has a brown saddle and a brownish wash to head.

Tagged Juvenile HH

Pink-feet Geese flying west over the moor.

Trod on a Jack Snipe while trying to stalk the male Harrier