Friday, 12 April 2013

Recent Rutland

11th April - Whilst checking an Osprey territory a Badger came trundling down the track middle of the day. It was rooting about in the grass verges and appeared totally oblivious to me although the camera shutter made it a bit nervous sometimes. I spent 45 minutes with it, quietly keeping ahead of it and down wind. It was often no more than 3 metres away and although I must admit that I'm not always sympathetic towards Badgers, this was a truly amazing encounter. 

Two more record shots of the male Mealy Redpoll from 9th April

Late March Foxes

Little Owl


Fallow Deer

Some late March Pheasants

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A few recent bits from the last few weeks.

Very confiding Little Owl sheltering from an east wind. Rutland

Great Crested Grebes displaying, RW

Male Osprey 5R, Lyndon Reserve

Mealy Redpoll (male), Rutland, 9th April. Feeding 70ft up a Larch tree.

Yellowhammers feeding on straw bales in a snow storm, Rutland

Fieldfares and Redwings sheltering from a blizzard

Black Grouse displaying, Scotland. 

Imm male Peregrine mobbing an imm female Goshawk. Peregrine looked more like a Merlin in comparison.