Monday, 19 November 2007

North East China, Oct - Nov 2007

The motorway connecting Beijing with the coast was shut because of 'fog', (smog, pollution, crap, etc) so we had to go on a smaller road. It was a hellish 5hr journey through what appeared to be a thick blanket of cement dust. It covered everything from people to trees for as far as the eye could see. We guessed it may have had something to do with the Olympics and the fact that they are not quite ready for it next year. Despite this bad start we did have some quality migration birding although several sky- watching days were lost due to smog filled skies. Click on pictures for bigger image.

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  1. Hi John, splendid photos. I'm off there in May next year can't wait. Your pic of Common Buzzard, looks like Rough leg to me, small bill, full head and nape, thigh patches etc...?