Thursday, 20 March 2008


Virtually no spare time for photography or drawing during March. Also, i just can't be arsed with the blog at the moment and wonder sometimes what the point of it is.


  1. john
    step back and look at those pictures - they are fabulous.
    I like the blog because of them and because they keep me in touch with 'home'.
    And I learn a great deal.
    Post less often but do not give up, please.
    And wouldn't that big boy make a fine dinner! We used to get a brace from the estate every Christmas (sort of Christmas box) and I still miss them.The ones here are not hung. Bit the compensation is lobster.

  2. Please keep posting when you can, John! There are lots of us out here that really enjoy your work.

  3. Don't give up John. There must be many of us who appreciate your excellent work.

  4. I have just found your blog and was admiring the photos of cormorants etc.
    I have a blog myself and sometimes question the point of it, especially when I get so little feedback. A lot of people read but dont comment.
    Kia ora as they say here in NZ.
    From a former Cambs. birder
    Mike Bryan