Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Redpolls, Scottish Borders

Several Redpolls were very frosty and got me thinking that they may have been Mealies. The only thing bothering me was that it was mid May and that Mealies shouldn't really be here. This particular male stood out every time I visited the feeders due to it's larger size, frosty head/neck and white wing edges. 

If I had seen this bird during the winter I would have happily called it a Mealie based on it's frosty appearance but the late date was making me wary. Plus I don't get many opportunities to study male Lesser's in summer plumage. 

Noticeably bulkier than the nearby Siskins and Lesser Redpolls. 

The frosty one chasing a Lesser Redpoll away.

Lesser Redpoll. Some males were frostier winged and headed than this bird

Male Lesser Redpoll

Male Lesser Redpoll

Lesser Redpoll. Shade smaller than the Siskins. Compare top most photos.

Male Lesser Redpoll

Lesser Redpoll

Another frosty Redpoll with very white streaked rump.

Another frosty Redpoll different to above bird. 

Male Redstart

Can't argue that Pheasants are not stunning birds