Saturday, 12 October 2013

Juvenile Goshawks, September

Juvenile male Goshawk mobbing a migrating juvenile male Osprey. The stuff of dreams.

The Osprey was following a narrow river south-west over the moorland when it bumped into a Gos.

Juvenile male in Gyr Falcon mode

Juvenile male on the look-out in birches. 

This juvenile male suddenly appeared from behind some Larches and banked 5 metres away at head height. Not sure who was the most shocked and the camera failed to focus.

Juv male Gos watching from a pylon with many unhappy Meadow Pipits in attendance.

Juvenile female

Juvenile male Gos hunting the grassland bordering the moorland. They can sometimes vaguely resemble a Hen Harrier when quartering the ground like this.

Perched on a corvid trap.

Perched like a large falcon