Sunday, 15 June 2014

Langholm, Late April

Satellite-tagged 2CY female Hen Harrier

Another 2CY female. This individual still has a very dark eye compared to the above bird. It also had very rusty toned underparts which almost lacked streaks. 

In certain lights it could appear similarly toned to an imm Pallid/montys and gave me quite a fright when I first saw it. It's secondaries look dark here but were in fact quite pale like an adult females (see below)

A third 2CY female seen briefly crossing the road. Separated from the above bird by it's more streaked underparts. 

An adult male Hen Harrier going out for one last hunt before dark.

A migrating male Osprey came north through the valley and got chased away first by a female Hen Harrier and then a Buzzard.

The late date will point to it being a non breeding three year old heading back to Scotland for the summer.

Red Grouse

Short-eared Owls

Male taking a vole back to his incubating female in the centre of the picture. He landed a few meters away from the nest and quietly called to the female who scurried out and took the vole.

Lesser Redpolls. I don't often get the chance to watch lesser Redpolls like this in the south.

I can only assume that these frosty individuals were Mealy Redpolls. I don't have difficulty identifying Mealies in the winter but I'm not as confident with birds in late April/early May, especially given the variation among the Lessers that were present.

A chunky thick-necked bird with a pale streaked rump.


Green Hairstreak

Sparrowhawk on the bird feeder