Sunday, 1 February 2015

Crested Honey Buzzards

Adult male, Station 2. Striking tail pattern, outer secondary bar reaching body, dark eye and barring into base of primaries. Longer fingers with a more protruding P5 than EHB and broader wings (although not as bulging secondaries as some CHB). Wing beats are much slower and more eagle like and it can be the first thing that puts you on to one.

25 CHB were counted although more probably sneaked through during busy raptor days.

No risk of this one being a hybrid.

Adult female, Station 2. More similar to female EHB but fingers longer with more barring overall and P5 protruding more although harder to appreciate with P4 missing. More barring along secondaries with almost three lines visible, the outer one reaching the body..

Very broad wings and fuller hands compared to EHB. No carpal patch.

Adult male, Station 2. Very long fingers with barring well above bases and very long P5 (P4 is possibly missing). Classic tail pattern with black base and black terminal band. No carpal patch. Secondary barring reaches body. Very bulging secondaries almost Goshawk like. Digi-scoped at several hundred meters.

Adult male, Station 2. Not sure about this bird. Tail looks good and a secondary bar reaches body. Eye looked dark and isolated on a pale grey head. Although wings and hand looked broad the fingers didn't seem obviously long. P5 did protrude beyond P4 though. Outer primaries lacked barring completely?

Adult male, Station 2. This bird was digi-scoped at great distance. It looked pretty convincing on the poor views. Very long primaries and bulging secondaries. Tail base was black but the black terminal band looked narrower than usual. I'm not sure whether P5 was missing (does appear to be a gap) as P4 (if it is P4) looks longer than normal.