Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Djoudj and Trois Marigots area, Northern Senegal, late December 2016

Great Egrets and Sacred Ibis

Black Herons, Spoonbills and Great Egrets

White Pelicans

Black Heron aka Umbrella bird doing what it says on the tin.

Many Black Herons were present in the Trois Marigots

Western Reef Heron

Whiskered Tern

Squacco Heron

Grass Rat

White-faced Whistling Duck keeping an eye on a large Nile Monitor Lizard

Adult male Pallid Harrier.

White-faced Whistling Ducks

A few Garganey on Grand Lac. My third visit to Djoudj and still it sends shivers down my spine. One of the bird wonders of the world.

Adult female Osprey watching the spectacle.

Not forgetting the flocks of Pintail.

Great White Pelicans fishing

Common Jackal

Arabian Bustard.

Long-tailed Nightjar

Blue-cheeked Bee-eaters

Growing greater coverts

African Darter

Immature Black-crowned Night Herons


Great White Pelicans

A Grey Heron dwarfed by the Pelicans


African Fish Eagle

Dusty day and not good for the optics or lungs

Yellow-billed Stork

Immature male Little Bittern

Black Stork with metal ring on right leg

Juvenile Marsh Harrier

Malachite Kingfisher


Sand Martins

Common Whitethroat

Adult female Osprey with Catfish

White-winged Tern and Whiskered Tern

River Prinia and Sedge Warbler

River Prinia

African Stonechat and Warthog