Monday, 25 June 2007

Taman Negara, Peninsular Malaysia

I finished off the winter trip at Taman Negara where i spent nearly 6 weeks exploring the Rain Forest there. I had heard from friends that it was an incredible wilderness so i was a little bit shocked to find it over run with suite-case tourists. In the old days you could only reach Taman by a 3 hour boat journey (as i did) but a new road had been built connecting Kuala Tahan village with Jerantut so allowing the world and his dog to make noise in the rain forest. The same old story.


  1. Wow John! Your photography is beautiful. I just happened along your blog and I'm glad I did. Your work is wonderful. I love your drawings as well. Keep us all posted on your wonderful adventures.

  2. Been reading your blog and looking at the lovely imagery and artwork since it began. Stunning John - keep up the good work, I am totally envious of your travels !
    Sue James (RW OP volunteer)