Monday, 14 March 2011

The Male!!!!!

An orange ringed male that gave us tantalising views on the river Allahein just south of Kartong on the 13th January was fishing in exactly the same spot a week later and this time we were determined to get the ring. He eventually gave up fishing in the river and flew out to sea, leaving us a bit gutted. However, while we watched a female fishing in the same area, the male returned without a fish and began fishing again. He eventually caught a fish and flew towards the boat, close enough to take a picture and to zoom up on the ring. The ring had the 'male sign' and we suspected (correctly) that it was one of Rolf Wahl's Ospreys from central France. A full life history of the 'male' can be found here on Rolf's website We recently heard that the male had already returned to his nest in early March!!!. What a bird.