Monday, 27 February 2012

Sunrise in the Sine Saloum Delta

Sunset over the Sine Saloum

Juvenile Osprey

Slender-billed Gull waiting to steal food from an Ospreys bill. Such behaviour could be misinterpreted, with the observer thinking that the Osprey is feeding the gull or wader. Sometimes, if the Osprey pauses with a piece of fish, the snatch from a gull or wader can be very gentle with no aggression shown by the Osprey. At other times the Osprey will strike out at the begging bird.  

Passing fisherman. Some Ospreys will allow a very close approach especially in places where they see the daily comings and goings of local fisherman. This ignorance or tolerance no doubt seals the fate of some individuals. 

Fisherman sleeping on their boat behind a sandbar after a nights fishing as White Pelicans look on.

Three Ospreys on a sandbar

African Fish Eagle

Pink-backed Pelican. Very agile birds considering their size.