Thursday, 13 March 2014

Arriving at Camp de Desert, Lompoul, NW Senegal

A large sand dune system 4-5 Km inland from the sea. The only accommodation in this area really.

Local farmers taking their carrots to the village

Rutland female Osprey 30(05) wintering site.

30(05) wintering site is situated among a vegetable allotment just a few metres inland from the beach.

Female 30

Dive-bombed by a Fork-tailed Drongo. 

Female 30 on her favourite beach perch.

Satellite tag visible on her back

An adult male, green CN (lower bird) is wintering in the same spot as female 30 and both birds were watched flying around together. 

Female 30 is the lower bird.

Adult female Osprey perched on a makeshift football goal on the beach.

Ringed Audouin's Gull.

A Norwegian LBBG. Upperparts colour painted a bit too pale.

A Danish LBBG

This LBBG was ringed on Rainham Landfill Site, London, in 2009 and was found to breed in Germany afterwards. It was then seen in Leicestershire in autumn 2013 before we found it in NW Senegal. A really nice life history.


Savile's Bustard.

A small accipiter flew over heading south while we were watching female Osprey 30. I expected it to be a Shikra but it turned out to be a male Eurasian Sparrowhawk. Appears to be the first record for Senegal.

Red-billed Quelea

We counted 100 Ospreys along a 30 Km stretch of beach.

Scrub Hare

Common Whitethroat on a Prickly Pear. Seeing familiar migrants wintering alongside the natives is one of my highlights. 

Senegal Batis

I remember waiting for ages trying to catch a glimpse of Black-crowned Tchagra's in Morocco. In West Africa they are common and easy to see. 

Male in the background singing to the female.

Nice Cockroach on the toilet seat.