Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Common Quail

African Scrub Robin (minor)

Locals with a pet White Pelican, Bango, Saint Louis.

Red-billed Quelea. Photographs can't capture the continuous rolling effect that the feeding flocks create. The front line birds are continuously replaced by the others behind them and then others behind them etc.

One male Sudan Golden Sparrow with the Red-billed Quelea.

Black Stork (imm)

Fish Eagle with White Pelicans


Whistling Ducks, Pintail and Garganey on Grand Lac, Djoudj.

Allen's Gallinule

Montagu's Harrier, male. Appeared to be an intermediate between the normal morph and the dark morph. 

Juvenile male Osprey flushing Pintail and White-faced Whistling Ducks


Adult Female Osprey and ducks

Marbled Ducks. 34 were present on the west side of the Grand Lac.