Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Aquila Eagles

Perhaps just a 3rd cy LSE? P4 seemed quite spiky although head and bill not particularly powerful. Wings also not very broad.

Obvious pale inner comma but nothing on the outer part.

Same as above

Presumably just a LSE. Very short p4, weak head/bill and fairly narrow wings.

Quite an obvious white flash to bases of outer primaries as many GSE show.

A different bird to the above one but very similar in shape and plumage. This bird shows a longer p4 in it's left hand than it's right. It also showed white bases to the outer two primaries. 

Probable hybrid. This 3rd cy (new inner and outer primaries) eagle circled for some time in front of station 2 and looked like a typical GSE from it's structure. Had it continued past the station distantly it would have gone down as a GSE. However, it chose to circle overhead and allowed us close views although against a typical grey Batumi sky.

Nice broad wings with long fingers including p4 or 7 depending on how you number them. Also a strong front end.

Fine white primary shafts on upperside of hand.

Looks like a typical GSE in this pose with evenly broad wings.

Underwing coverts dark chocolate brown. Carpal commas nothing special with a small amount of white at the base of the outer two primaries.

Perhaps appears slightly narrower winged and more feeble in this photo.

Several of us noticed that barring came virtually to the tip of some of the secondaries and inner primaries, which realistically speaking should make it a hybrid LSExGSE.

This individual perhaps should have gone into the GSE section without any quibbling. Very deep bill, broad wings/hand and heavy body. Small amount of white at the bases of the two outer primaries.

Some barring visible in the inner primaries which are also pale tipped.

Carpals darker than mid brown underwing coverts.

Tail appears substantial here?

Wings especially the hand don't appear long like Steppe Eagle.

Same bird as above eight photos. Never ceases to amaze me just how different the same individual GSE/LSE/SE can appear in different photos/profiles.

Adult type aquila. Underwing coverts/carpal pattern similar to Steppe Eagle, white outer flash to primary bases like a GSE and shape reminiscent of LSE. P4 medium length neither long or short.

A weak head/bill and relatively narrow wings in this profile. No barring or trailing edge to secondaries.