Sunday, 24 July 2016

Marsh Harrier

2nd cy male dark morph - 9 9 15

New inner four primaries and rest worn juvenile feathers. Also juvenile primary coverts apart from a few new inner ones. Also a scattering of new dark scapulars and mantle feathers. Pale grey tail with faint sub-terminal tips. Iris very pale already?

2nd cy male dark morph - 6 9 15. Two more new primaries compared to the above bird.


Juvenile - 4 10 15


2nd cy female - 3 10 16. Juvenile outer two primaries, a few juvenile secondaries and tail feather.

2nd cy female - 6 10 15. Three juvenile outer primaries on this individual.

Adult male

Adult male

Adult male

Adult male

2nd cy male - 7 9 15. Two juvenile outer primaries, inner and middle secondaries.

Juvenile. Several pied juveniles were seen usually with white bellies and primary coverts.

2nd cy male - 4 9 15. Four new black tipped inner primaries which also have bars on this individual. Much less advanced compared to the 2nd cy male three photos above.

 6 9 15. Darkish trailing edge to secondaries and inner primaries contrasting with slightly greyer remiges. No contrast between primaries. Presumably an adult female.


2nd cy female - 7 9 15. Juvenile outer two primaries and p8 growing. A dark morph female?

Juvenile. Another with a partial white belly.

2nd cy male

2nd cy female - 16 9 15. New greater coverts, some primary coverts and three different sections of new secondaries. The inner two primaries are brown like the juvenile secondaries but should have been replaced like the other inner primaries have been. Perhaps they were replaced in the early Spring and have already faded?

2nd cy female - 16 9 15. Juvenile outer two primaries and a few secondaries.

2nd cy female - 16 9 15. Just the juvenile outer primary left and a few secondaries.