Monday, 8 August 2016

Our Rutland adult female Osprey sitting on her favorite perch on a Senegalese beach. 

Rutland female Osprey watching the day go by as two Ospreys have a handbag fight behind.

Stuck again. We had several close shaves with the incoming tide.

Locals on their way to the local market.

Its amazing what our wintering Ospreys see during their winter vacation.

The village close to where our female Osprey winters. A far cry from her English nest site.

Desert in NW Senegal close to where our female Osprey winters.

Desert Grasshopper. Tiny, they flick sand over themselves and quickly disappear.

A desert Skink spe.

A typical road that you have to contend with in central west Senegal. No fun at all.

Black Storks wintering near Kaolack.