Monday, 8 August 2016

Pearl-spotted Owlet

Scattering fish confusing an Osprey

3rd cy German male

Adult type female

2nd cy Griffon Vulture. Inner primaries new but all secondaries pointed juvenile feathers. Growing new outer primaries in right wing presumably due to premature loss of those feathers.

A flock of perhaps 150 vultures were circling over the road just to the north of Kaolack, Senegal. It contained many Griffon's (winter visitor from Southern Europe), Ruppell's Griffons, White-backed and 10+ Lappet-faced Vultures. I somehow managed to pretty much only photograph Griffons in the brief time they were overhead. 


Juvenile Griffon

I initially thought this was a White-backed due to the dark face but the body and underwing coverts are a warm gingery brown like Griffon. Maybe it has stuck it's head into something.

2nd cy. The yellow ring on this birds right leg wasn't noticed at the time. It is barely readable on a high res image. The warm gingery underparts and pale head should make it a Griffon.

Juvenile Griffon

Lappet-faced Vulture

Ruppell's Griffon Vulture

Griffon, perhaps 3rd cy. More secondaries replaced in the left wing than the right and p6 new in both.

Juvenile male Osprey with a very impressive sea fish.

Juvenile female. Pretty clean underwing coverts for a female but obvious spots on axilliaries typical. Also broad wings.

Adult male

Adult male

Adult female chasing a juvenile male

Scottish adult male

German adult female holding a Needlefish

Adult female

Adult female. Underwings cleaner than many females but breast band normal and strong face/bill. Broad wings.

Common Wattle-eye

African Thrush

Red-cheeked Corden-bleu