Friday, 3 December 2010

Peregrine, RW, 30th Nov

This Juvenile may have been around since early September. It is a very milky greyish-brown bird with very strong pale scalloping to the whole of the upperparts and wing coverts. The vent area seems to be very lightly marked, lacking the strong barring of normal juv Perg. But having trawled through the hundreds of tiny, mostly pointless and often shite photos on Birdguides, i think i came to the conclusion that some juvs can have less well marked vents. I have only had distant views of it in flight but i can't help noticing that the bases to the primaries and secondaries appear a shade paler than normal (see above 2 photos). Juveniles are very variable in plumage tone but i have never noticed any obvious contrast between the underwing coverts and the flight feathers before. It is an interesting falcon that deserves a closer look the next time it appears.