Thursday, 29 January 2015


Juvenile male Goshawk. Station 1

Juvenile Goshawk with Juvenile Marsh Harrier

Juvenile Goshawk with a Levant Sparrowhawk

Juvenile female Goshawk. Station 2

Juvenile Goshawk in pursuit of a Sparrowhawk. Station 2

 Levant Sparrowhawk - juvenile

Levant Sparrowhawk - male

Levant Sparrowhawks with Honey Buzzards

 Levant Sparrowhawk - juveniles

 Levant Sparrowhawk - 2CY female. Juvenile flight feathers visible.

 Levant Sparrowhawk - juvenile

Male Levant Sparrowhawk with a Sparrowhawk. The different primary formula is easily seen here.

 Levant Sparrowhawk - 2CY male


Levant Sparrowhawk - juvenile

Sparrowhawk - juvenile female

Juvenile Spar

Juvenile Spar