Thursday, 29 January 2015

Dawn from Station 1

Looking west from Station 2

Station 2. Low cloud in the afternoon often killed off migration

White-out at Station 2

Sheltering beneath the temporary shelter at Station 2. It was OK unless the rain was accompanied by wind.

Raptors still migrated during the rain so you couldn't relax for long

Dawn at Station 1 after a very wet night

Alan Dalton on a quiet morning

Brown Bear print near Station 2

A stonking Slug at Station 2

The Station 1 team after breaking the Roller record. A record 2,334 were counted during the season.

Station 2 borders Mtirala NP.

A well earned drink after a long day watching birds

Evening meal with nipple dog hoping for scraps

The local spirit claims another victim.

Raptor counting brings together people from all over the world. Countries represented around this table are Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, USA, Catalonia (Carles!), Holland, Argentina, Greece, Finland and England. Apologies if I got your country wrong.

Putting the world to right with a beer in the evening