Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Small groups of Cranes passed south including one flock that was heard calling at midnight over our residence.

Grey Herons going south

Grey Herons

Male Red-footed Falcon. Small groups migrated through but they rarely came close or stayed for very long.

Ad female Red-footed Falcon

Juvenile Red-footed Falcon

Black Storks. 1,557 were counted in total.

51 Black Storks reappearing from low cloud at Station 2.

About 90 Black Storks in murky conditions

Long-tailed Blue

Ortolan Bunting. A common migrant in September.


Black Woodpecker. Regularly seen or heard at Station 2

Middle-spotted Woodpecker. Heard daily from the count stations.

With the possibility of Semi-collared Flycatcher it was worth scrutinizing any Pied types. This Pied showed quite obvious white in the outer two tail feathers that continued around the tip but was a normal female/1stw Pied from above.

Jay. Caucasus race krynicki. White forehead and black nape.

Short-toed Lark

Tawny Pipit

Tree Pipit. Heard flying over throughout the day, everyday. A few sometimes stopped and rested at the watch points. This bird dropped out of the sky and sat in a tree for a few minutes before continuing on its way.

White Wagtail