Saturday, 23 May 2015

Immature Lesser Spotted / Great Spotted Eagles

4 Oct - LSE, immature. The newer inner primaries and middle secondaries show dark tips.

4 Oct - LSE, 2nd cy.

LSE, presumably 3rd cy with how many new secondaries there are. Still four juvenile outer primaries.

14 Oct - GSE, 2nd cy.

14 Oct - GSE, immature. Next six photos show same bird.

Very little contrast in the upperwings and very fine white shaft streaks to primaries.

Inner primaries appear to show dark tips like an adult Steppe Eagle but this must be a trick of the light.

7 Oct - LSE, near adult. Some barring still visible in inner primaries. The white carpal comma is more like a GSE - this is a very unreliable feature.

23 Sept - LSE, 2nd cy.

Same LSE as above with Booted Eagle and Black Kite.

LSE with the Station 2 tourist platform including birdspotters in the background.

LSE, immature.

LSE, 2nd cy.

27 Sept - LSE, probably 3rd cy.

LSE, at least 3rd cy. Varying aged primaries.

27 Sept - LSE, immature.

2 Oct - LSE

17 Sept - LSE, 2nd cy.

Four new inner primaries in right wing and three in left. No new secondaries.