Saturday, 23 May 2015

Juvenile Lesser Spotted / Greater Spotted Eagles continued

12 Oct - GSE, juvenile. Digi-scoped as it slowly passed Station 2.

A stunning juvenile, digi-scoped as it passed Station 2.

12 Oct - GSE, juvenile. More white on the uppertail coverts than above bird.

15 Oct - GSE, juvenile

16 Oct - GSE. At first glance looks like a juvenile but there appears to be a new (slightly protruding) middle secondary in both wings? I would expect the outer primaries to be really worn if it was a 2cy.

Solid white uppertail and rump area.

3 Oct - GSE. Worn juvenile?

3 Oct - GSE, juvenile.

GSE, juvenile

GSE, juvenile

Solid dark underwing coverts, white bases to outer primaries and long P4 all obvious. This juvenile shows no barring to the remiges unlike a similar aged LSE. Nice S- shaped curve to rear edge of wing and splayed primaries typical of juvenile.

LSE, juvenile. Short P4 compared to above GSE but not always this obvious. Finely barred remiges obvious. Juvenile LSE usually a shade lighter in build and slimmer winged compared to GSE but not always.

10 Oct - GSE, juvenile. Slightly longer primaries and fuller hand than the above LSE.

LSE, juvenile.

27 Sept - LSE, juvenile.

LSE, juvenile. A beautifully streaked individual.

2 Oct - LSE