Friday, 22 May 2015

Older Lesser Spotted / Greater Spotted Eagles

Near adult GSE. Very dark underwing coverts and a large white flash at the outer primary bases.

Usually more ample hand than LSE.

Adult GSE. Broad wings with ample hand and short tail. Dark underwing coverts and white base to outer primaries.

16 Oct - Non juvenile GSE. Very little contrast from above and narrow white primary streaks.

3 Oct. The large white base to the primaries could point towards GSE. However, the shape to me looks more like LSE. The wings aren't that impressive, the hand appearing fairly narrow. Head and bill pretty weak looking. The pale undertail and white underwing coverts a clear sign of immaturity.

Tail fairly long, about 3/4 compared to width of wing

LSE. Non juvenile. Very short P4.

3 Oct - LSE.

Weak P4, narrow wings and double carpal commas. Pale tipped undertail coverts and barring in remiges a sign of immaturity.

LSE - non juvenile. Double carpal comma.P4 looks quite long on this bird possibly due to worn innermost primaries. Strong bill and heavy look maybe points to a female.

LSE - adult. Dark looking remiges. Carpal area very bland on this bird. Small bill and size (male) compared to above bird.

4 Oct - near adult LSE. Short P4 and barring in inner primaries and secondaries still present.

Pale brown iris. Carpal pattern very bland with just a small amount of white at the base of the primaries.

LSE- non juvenile. Very pale underwing coverts. Carpal pattern almost non existent again.

LSE - near adult.

? - Looks short tailed and underwings appear quite dark. Carpals very bland. Wings don't look particularly broad especially the hand.

8 Oct - LSE. Near adult.

Near adult LSE

LSE, non juv.

LSE, non juv.

26 Sept - LSE, non juv.

26 Sept - LSE, non juv.

26 Sept - LSE, non juv.

26 Sept - LSE

26 Sept - LSE, near adult

26 Sept - LSE, near adult.

26 Sept - LSE, near adult. Some barring still visible in secondaries and some pale markings to greater coverts.

26 Sept - LSE, non juv

27 Sept - LSE, near adult. Barring still visible in inner primaries and secondaries. Undertail coverts also patchy.

LSE, near adult. Barred undertail coverts and some barring still visible in inner primaries.

2 Oct - LSE, near adult.

2 Oct - LSE, adult (female?). Big chunky bird with all dark remiges and rectrices. Short P4.

Same adult LSE below with a near adult above and a Steppe Buzzard.