Saturday, 23 May 2015

Juvenile Lesser Spotted / Greater Spotted Eagles, Batumi

LSE, juvenile.

LSE, juvenile. Darker than the above bird.

27 Sept - GSE, juvenile. Barring in the remiges runs out before tip, compare LSE above.

Splayed primaries with relatively long P4. Very dark underwing coverts with white restricted to bases of outer primaries.

27 Sept - LSE, juvenile. Less bulging arm and hand compared to the above GSE. Short P4 also.

LSE, juvenile. Very mottled underwing coverts on this bird. Also short P4 and longish tail.

8 Oct - GSE, juvenile. Tip of P9 broken in left wing.

Same juvenile GSE above a LSE. Nice comparison showing the difference in wing structure especially length of P4 although it is not always this obvious in the juveniles.

LSE, juvenile with serious gun shot damage including blood splattered legs.

LSE, juvenile.

LSE, juvenile. A very pale streaked individual.

GSE, juvenile.