Saturday, 23 May 2015

Juvenile Lesser Spotted / Greater Spotted Eagles continued

12 Oct - GSE, juvenile. A nice pale bodied juvenile with very dark underwing coverts. Long splayed primaries on a broad hand.

12 Oct - GSE, juvenile.

26 Sept - GSE, juvenile.

Juvenile GSE with juvenile Pallid Harrier and Black Kites.

GSE, juvenile. Very dark underwing coverts and unbarred remiges.

3 Oct - GSE, juvenile

6 Sept - LSE, juvenile.

16 Sept - LSE, juvenile.

A typical juvenile with double comma, barred remiges and very short P4.

6 Oct - LSE, juvenile. Not sure what was going on with this birds primaries.   

17 Sept - LSE, juvenile.

LSE, juvenile

17 Sept - LSE, juvenile.

23 Sept - LSE, juvenile. Quite a dark juvenile but barring to remiges extending almost to tips and very short P4.

23 Sept - LSE, juvenile.

12 Oct - LSE, juvenile.

26 Sept - LSE, stunning juvenile passing Station 1.

GSE, juvenile.

GSE, juvenile.