Thursday, 1 February 2018

Crested Honey Buzzards and Hybrids

Hybrid/Intergrade CHB x EHB, male, 3rd September. Limited barring in remiges, narrow hand and long tail wrong for CHB. It had a black banded tail similar to CHB and a dark looking eye on a smooth grey head.
I saw nearly as many hybrids as pure looking ones this year. 

10th Spetember. Possible hybrid/intergrade. I'm not sure what sex this bird is. The extensive barring in remiges would fit a female more than male but tail would be odd for female. Hand too narrow for CHB but I don't think it is a EHB either.

Adult male CHB, 11th September. I think this individual ticks enough boxes.

Hybrid/Intergrade, 19th September

Hybrid/Intergrade, Adult male, 2nd September. Tail pattern similar to CHB but barring in remiges like EHB and eye reddish.

Presumed hybrid/intergrade, adult male, 25th September

Same as above two photos. Slow powerful flight like CHB. 

CHB, adult male, 9th September. A nice individual with really broad wings, nice tail pattern and clean carpals.

The short tail put me on to this bird. The wing formula and barring is EHB and the eye is yellow but to me the tail looks odd?