Thursday, 1 February 2018

Two odd Aquila's

Juvenile, 1st October. GSE features were the dark underwing coverts, dark body and dark upperwing. Structurally it appeared closer to GSE but it's hand didn't look as full. P4 was nothing special but I don't trust this primary in juveniles. The basal part of the secondaries were unmarked like GSE and the barring was fine and pencil like. However there was no doubt that in photos barring was visible extending towards the tips of some of the secondaries. For me this would have to point to a hybrid.

Looks nothing special in this photo.

Pretty dark upperwings closer to GSE.

2nd cy, 5th October. A large broad winged eagle with light brownish underwing coverts. It was very high so hard to judge barring in flight feathers but barring was fine and it might have extended further than normal towards the tips. The new middle secondaries were dark like GSE. The new P4 was pretty short and blunt (below photo). Carpal flash like GSE.